WunderBrow achieves first-class results for your eyebrows in under two minutes, which will last for days. Whether it is stormy weather, showering or rubbing your eyes the colour of the WunderBrow Products holds on almost under every attack. Convince yourself today and give your eyebrows a perfectly shaped, natural-looking look with the WunderBrow articles.

Professional cosmetics for accentuating of eyes, lips and eyelashes!

WunderBrow provides professional products for the finishing touches of your facial features: Last Extensions Mascara for never-ending eyelashes, the semi-permanent Brow Gel in the right shade and the Lip Booster, just to name a few examples. Innovative technologies ensure immediate results in 2 minutes and no fading or smearing!

The products of WunderBrow are free of animal-testing.Discover the WunderBrow range at shampoo.ch!


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