System Professional - Perfect Ends

System Professional - Perfect Ends


System Professional - Perfect Ends
Effective anti split ends care

Size: 40ml

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System Professional - Perfect Ends by Wella repaires your hair and makes it more supple. The product seals the hair ends and gives your hair more shine.

Loaded by external stresses of your day, the straight hair ends become damaged. They split into forks and there are split ends. If you make no changes and provide no immediate treatment, the split ends can increase very quickly. This product is effective against this process. Using avocado oil conditioning, the hair has a lasting care. Repair substances and protective lipids ensure that split ends are drawn together and obtain a protective layer.

The product is dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.


Work 3-4 drops evenly into lengths and ends of the hair. You can apply the product into wet or dry hair. Do not rinse it out.

Additional Information

Hair type Split ends  More shine 
Marke Wella

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