Uniq One

All in One Hair Treatment

All in One Hair Treatment

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Uniq One

All in One Hair Treatment

Leave-in Spray Treatment with 10 haircare effects

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The Revlon Uniq One - All in One Hair Treatment combines 10 hair care effects into a single product, with just a single application step! This leave-in spray treatment is perfect for hair care and healthy hair even though your time is short. Dry and damaged hair is repaired and maintained at the same time and it also acts as heat protection for gentle hairstyling!

This innovative product provides silky hair with healthy volume and maximum suppleness in one step. Spliss is permanently prevented and an easy combability is guaranteed. Furthermore, the hair colour is being protected from excessive sun exposure with UV A and UV B filters.
For long-lasting, well-groomed and protected hair in just one step!

The 10 advantages at a glance:

  • Repair for dry, damaged hair
  • shine & anti frizz
  • heat protection
  • provides silky & smooth hair
  • colour protection with UVA & UVB filters
  • easier brushing & straightening
  • incredible manageability
  • long lasting hairstyle
  • protection against split ends
  • more volume

Uniq One - All in One Hair Treatment can be used in both wet and dry hair.

Directly after the hair wash on damp hair:
1) Spray directly onto wet hair from approx. 20 cm.
2) Unravel hair gently, with a coarse comb.
3) Dry your hair as usual – either blow- or air-dry and apply further styling steps.

On dry hair, whenever you want to give your hair a care-boost:
1) First spray on the palms of the hands and spread well
2) Then apply on the hair with your hands, evenly from the hair roots over the lengths to the tips
3) Optionally, you can now style the hair with the hair dryer or the hair straightener, or as usual.

Required quantity depending on hair length for application on damp hair:
Long hair: 10-15 pumps / medium hair: 7-12 pumps / short hair: 6-8 pumps

Required quantity depending on hair length for application on dry hair:
Long hair: 4-6 pumps / short hair: 3-5 pumps / short hair: 2-3 pumps

Apply Uniq One - All in One Hair Treatment whenever your hair needs an extra boost of care, when you prefer a new styling or a freshness kick!

Additional Information

Hair type Dry hair  Anti frizz / unruly hair  Colored hair  Curly hair 
Producttyp Heat protection
Effect More shine, More volume, Straighten hair
Marke Uniq One

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