Bed Head - Manipulator Matte


Bed Head - Manipulator Matte


Bed Head - Manipulator Matte
For strength, texture and structure

Size: 57.5g

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Bed Head - Manipulator Matte by Tigi is a unique texture cream with which you can create a strong styling that keeps you up all night. Your hair gets strength and maximum volume. Create an unique structure in your hair. With the fragrance of pineapple and coconut.

Apply the product to damp or dry hair and style it as you wish. Then blow-dry it or let it air-dry.

Bamboo is rich in lauric and myristic oil, vitamins and minerals. It absorbs quickly, moisturizes and leaves no greasy film.
Beeswax gives your hair fibers additonnal texture and an individual structure.
Carnauba wax - (vegetable wax) gives your hair softness, separation and moisture.
Limonene smooths your hair shaft.
Citric acid is similar to the pH value of your hair.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair  More volume  Smoothing 
Marke Tigi

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