hairEXPERTS - Cool Mod DIY Kit

hairEXPERTS - Cool Mod DIY Kit

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hairEXPERTS - Cool Mod DIY Kit
der lässige Look für Männer
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First wash your hair with Schwarzkopf 3D Men Hair & Body shampoo. The amazing thing about this product is you can use as body soap as well.
For shaving, you use the Shave Precision Shave gel from American crew, and then Post Shave - Shave Cooling Lotion to give your skin that extra touch of moisture.


1. Brush the damp hair forward all the way from back to front.

2. As the hair is drying, loosen the hair-style up with your fingers.

3. Now decide between the products of Redken styling Rewind No. 6 or Schwarzkopf 3D Men Texture Clay. Try it each and decide which is the best fit for your hair.

4. Which ever product is your favorite, can be worked into your now dried hair. Shape your hair into wisps along the top of your head to create a stormy look.


American crew Shave Precision Shave gel 50ml

American crew Shave post office Shave Cooling lotion 50ml

Schwarzkopf 3D Men Hair & Body shampoo 50ml

Schwarzkopf 3D Men Texture Clay 30ml

Redken styling Rewind No. 6 20g





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