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Natural Flowers -Nutri Shampoo

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Selective Professional

Natural Flowers -Nutri Shampoo
Repair Shampoo
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post NAT00005

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Natural Flowers -Nutri Shampoo by Selective Professional is very well suited for colored, brittle and weak hair. The Repair Shampoo is designed for smooth, elastic hair and reduces the susceptibility to breakage. The creamy foam cleans your hair effectively without irritating the scalp. Thanks to the natural ingredients involved, it gives the hair an intensive conditioning and care. The product is enriched with organic cornflower extract and bionectar and has a gentle fragrance of dates. It protects the color of your hair and extend the life of color in colored hair. Moreover, it is free from SLS / Sles, mea, dea, tea, artificial colors, parabens, allergens, silicone, Edta and petrolatum.


Apply. The product to damp hair and massage it on Then rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair  Colored hair  Damaged hair 
Scalp Thin hair
Ingredients Organic, Vegan
Marke Selective Professional

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