Form - Craft Clay

Form - Craft Clay

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Form - Craft Clay
For a smooth, matte looking finish
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Thanks to the mouldable modelling clay Craft Clay by Sebastian you can easily create creative and trendy hairstyles. The Craft Clay not only offers various styling possibilities but also a high-quality clay that can be incorporated playfully thanks to its creamy consistency. It doesn’t leave any grease or unwanted shines, but maintains a matting effect throughout the day thanks to the contained earth minerals. Craft Clay convinces with its durability without sticking and can any hairstyle can be redone because the beige modelling clay doesn’t harden. No matter whether you prefer it smooth or wild, with Craft Clay there are no limits for your styling. Let your imagination go wild and emphasize your individual, distinctive look!


Craft Clay is best applied in short to medium long hair. Rub the product quickly in your hands. Due to the heating of the paste in your palms, the clay can be applied more easily and you can define and sculpt your hair as you wish. Tip: To make a fashionable up do, rub first a little bit of Craft Clay to the hair roots to roughen the base a bit and get this wild, cool look!

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