Osis - Style Shifters 1

Osis - Style Shifters 1

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Osis - Style Shifters 1
For easy control
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Size: 75ml

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The Osis - Style Shifters 1 by Schwarzkopf You can enjoy your hair's infinite re-modeling. The liquid structuring spray gives your hair a soft structure, lightweight definition and support. It is suitable for medium length to long hair.

The spray affirms by its light, incredible fine spray distribution. It offers infinite styling options and the perfect styling control. Your hair will not complain and does not have a stiff or sticky feel. The natural touch of your hair is obtained. Your hair not only shines, but retains its natural appearance. You can re-model it anytime for easy control.


Spray the product into dry hair. Then twist, tousle or restructure it as desired. If you wish, you can apply the product into the hands and then work into the hair.


The innovative liquid polymer technology combines 3 different polymers into a new elastic polymer. In addition, the product can be applied perfectly and evenly by its elastic formulation. Use of sorbitol and the elastic polymer make it possible that your hair can be perfectly re-model, without losing the styling control. The quantity of ingredients of Style Shifters range has been adjusted in the different control levels.

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