Osis - Rock Hard Glue

Osis - Rock Hard Glue


Osis - Rock Hard Glue
For extreme styling

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The Osis - Rock Hard Glue by Schwarzkopf You can magically style extreme structure and forms into your hair, (for example, spikes). Your hair has extreme control without the glue-like consistency. An advantage of the product is the fact that it can be easily incorporated and it is easy to wash out and is suitable for all hair types. With Control Level. 3


Apply a hazelnut-sized amount into damp or dry hair. Then you can bring your hair with your hands into the desired shape. Let it air dry or blow dry it dry. To get the bundling lengths, comb or brush the hair.


The combination of 5 concerted film formers, the product has a great hold in your hair even with humidity.


If you want extra shine, you should Osis Rock Hard Glue used and then Osis Sparkler.

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Marke Schwarzkopf

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