Igora Color Worx - Green


Igora Color Worx - Green

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Igora Color Worx - Green
Pastel shades for blonde or bleached hair
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post SCH398760

Size: 100ml

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Experience the most intense shades of colors, which impregnate fast and hold for a long time. The Igora Color Worx - Green by Schwarzkopf guarantees unique and daring color results that last up to 20 hair washes *.
The color palette covers red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple up to pink. For the purposes no developer is required.
 Explore the extremely versatile possibilities of coloration with Igora ColorWorx by Schwarzkopf:
The direct application: Apply the Igora ColorWorx color directly to your blond or bleached hair in order to get a particularly rich and incredibly strong color effect. The persistancy of the color dependens on the hair quality and pigment concentration.
 The pastel mixture: Mix the Igora ColorWorx color with the Igora ColorWorx thinner to get softer shades of pastels.


  • Base: color depth 9 and brighter, best already bleached
  • Application: directly to wet, shampooed hair
  • Reaction time: 20 min.
  • Rinse: Rinse your hair thoroughly and treat, if necessary, your hair additonnaly with a conditioner. The color effects last up to 20 washes. The durability of the color varies depending on the hair texture and pigment concentration.

    The white pastel mixing instructions:
  • Red:
    Soft Pastel: 30: 1 (30g thinner white: 1g Red)
    Intense Pastell shade: 10: 1 (10g thinner white: 1g Red)
  • Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink:
    Soft Pastel: 10: 1 (10g thinner white: 1g Direct Dyes)
    Intense Pastell shade: 2: 1 (2g thinner white: 1g Direct Dyes)
  • Violet:
    Soft Pastel: 5: 1 (5g thinner white: 1g violet)
    Intense Pastell shade 2: 1 (2g thinner white: 1g violet)

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