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Lumicia - Shine Enhancing Shampoo

Lumicia - Shine Enhancing Shampoo

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René Furterer

Lumicia - Shine Enhancing Shampoo
Shampoo for smooth, shiny hair
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post RFU330002

Size: 200ml

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The Lumicia - Shine Enhancing Shampoo by René Furterer rinses effectively all impurities (lime, air pollution, hair styling products) that damages your hair every day and make it look dull. The Shine Enhancing Shampoo with its light and crystalline texture forms an airy and dense foam during the application. The hair fiber is sealed along its entire length and thus get the perfect shine, because they will reflect the light perfectly - for unique shiny, light and airy and silky hair. The shampoo is without silicones.


Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of the shampoo into the hair and massage it with fingertips into the wet scalp. Make it then foam up with a little water. After rinse it with clean water if possible until the hair squeaks between your fingers. The shampoo is perfect for frequent use.


The Lumicia Shine Enhancing Shampoo also neutralizes the drying effects of chalk-containing water.

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Hair type Dry hair  Thin hair 
Marke René Furterer

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