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Lumicia - Shine Enhancing Balm


Lumicia - Shine Enhancing Balm

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René Furterer

Lumicia - Shine Enhancing Balm
Balsam for more shine and care
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Size: 150ml

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The Lumicia - Shine Enhancing Balm by René Furterer supplies your hair with a unique delicate texture. Furthermore, your hair gets the moisture it needs, is becomes instanly easier to comb. The product does not weigh your hair down and does not need any exposure time. Thanks to the unique properties of the contained active substances, removing even the smallest residues effectively and gently. Also, the cuticle is smoothed to give your hair a perfect shine. The hair becomes smooth and silky and receives an enchanting shine with countless reflections. The product also does not contain silicones.


Apply a hazelnut-sized quantity of the balm in the lengths and the tips of your hair, so that the hair scales are everywhere closed and the hair is smoothed. It requires no exposure time. Then wash your hair thoroughly until the hair squeaks. The product is intended for frequent use.

Additional Information

Hair type Dry hair  Anti frizz / unruly hair  Curly hair 
Ingredients Organic
Effect More shine, Straighten hair
Marke René Furterer

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