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Curbicia - Purifying Clay Shampoo

Curbicia - Purifying Clay Shampoo

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René Furterer

Curbicia - Purifying Clay Shampoo
Shampoo mask for clean and bright hair
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post RFU55891

Size: 100ml

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The Purifying Clay Shampoo of the Curbicia line by Rene Furterer combates efficiently oily scalp and ensures that the hair will get greasy again too fast. In addition, the mask regulates sebum production.

Apply the shampoo-mask directly to the root on the wet scalp. Let them it on to react for 3 minutes. Then, add some water to foam it up.
Massage the mask first well and rinse it afterwards with plenty of clean water again until the hair squeaks between your fingers. The shampoo-mask can be applied 1 to 2 times a week. Use a shampoo of your choice, which is suitable for frequent use, on the other days.

Additional Information

Hair type Greasy hair 
Scalp Greasy hair
Marke René Furterer

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