René Furterer

Astera - Leave-In Soothing Freshenss Serum

Astera - Leave-In Soothing Freshenss Serum

René Furterer

Astera - Leave-In Soothing Freshenss Serum
To soothe and refresh the scalp

Size: 75ml

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Astera - Leave-In Soothing Freshness Serum by René Furterer is the right care for your scalp. The serum consists of cold essential oils (mint and eucalyptus) and the Asteracea extract. It soothes and cools your scalp in the long term. Due to the hydrolipid film your scalp is built up and assured long-lasting protection against negative external influences.


Apply the product after shampooing to the towel-dried scalp. Then do not rinse.


We recommend, as an intensive treatment, an application once a week after shampooing with the Astera Soothing Shampoo.


The product has a proven efficacy, through the ice cube effect which occurs immediately in order to calm your scalp.
In 89% of the subjects ** it led to a long-lasting soothening.

* Biometric study on 12 subjects
** Application test of 63 women for 2 weeks, all in all two applications

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Hair type Scalp soothing 
Marke René Furterer

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