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Antichute - Triphasic Regenerating Hair Loss Serum (8x5.5ml)

Antichute - Triphasic Regenerating Hair Loss Serum (8x5.5ml)

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René Furterer

Antichute - Triphasic Regenerating Hair Loss Serum (8x5.5ml)
Against inherent hair loss
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Antichute - Triphasic Regenerating Hair Loss Serum (8x5.5ml) by René Furterer is a regenerative serum against inherent-related hair loss. This intensive care includes energizing, stimulating and protective elements. Thus, the natural growth of hair is boosted, improving the hair structure and strengthen the hold of the hair root. Triphasic VHT acts specifically on the three factors that can be responsible for hair loss. The combination of the patented Pfaffia extract (Ginseng), essential oils of orange and lavender, and vitamin PP (niacin) guarantees the stimulation of the microcirculation of the scalp. In addition, pumpkin seed extract and vitamin B6 are regulating the sebum production. Moreover, the hair root is protected by the patented vessel-strengthening active component HMC.

Shake the product before use in order to mix all three phases. After shampooing, massage the scalp. Then do not rinse.

For intensive care, please use the product during the period of three months (equivalent to about two packs). In the first month, use it twice a week. In the second and third month you can reduce the application to once a week. To complement, we recommend Complexe 5 (to prepare the scalp) and the Forticea Shampooing.

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