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Antichute - RF80 Concentrated Serum for Hair Loss (12x5ml)

Antichute - RF80 Concentrated Serum for Hair Loss (12x5ml)

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René Furterer

Antichute - RF80 Concentrated Serum for Hair Loss (12x5ml)
Against temporary hair loss
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The Antichute - RF80 Concentrate Serum for Hair Loss (12x5ml) by René Furterer gives your hair vitality and volume. This unique intensive care serves to boost the natural growth of your hair and reduce hair loss. On the one hand, the product supplies the hair root with essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B5, aminoproteins, zinc and copper. Secondly, it guarantees for the stimulation of the microcirculation of the scalp with the patented Pfaffia-extract (Ginseng), as well as essential oils of sage and lemon.


Apply the product on towel-dried hair. For this, break the ampoule firstly at the white line and take the product to the scalp, advancing strand by trand. Then thoroughly rub and then rinse.


For intensive care, please apply the product once a week during the period of three months.
To complement, we recommend Complexe 5 (to prepare the scalp) and the Forticea Shampooing.

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Hair type Thin hair 
Marke René Furterer

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