Diamond Oil - Shatterproof Shine

Diamond Oil - Shatterproof Shine

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Diamond Oil - Shatterproof Shine
More shine and resilience for fine and normal hair
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Size: 100ml

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The Diamond Oil - Shatterproof Shine by Redken consists of a unique blend of exclusive oils. The blend of apricot and coriander penetrates into all layers of the hair fiber. The oil Treatment is free of silicones and protects your hair against environmental influences. It gives your hair a radiant, high-profile gloss and more resilience. Especially for fine to normal hair, this product is ideal.


Distribute two to three drops in your hair lengths. You can then style your hair as usual. Repeat if necessary.

Use the product only on the lengths and ends of the hair and not on the hairline. Otherwise, your hair can quickly get greasy.


Before shampooing

You can use the product even before appling the shampoo to supply it with the maximum effect of the ingredients. You simply massage a few drops in your hair and on the scalp and leave it for two to three minutes to take effect. Afterwards you can wash your hair as usual. This ensures your hair to be sufficiently moisturized and especially fine hair is supplied with nutritive substances - without weighing.


Diamond Oil - Shatterproof Shine can also be applied overnight during sleep and provides for a nourishing deep care.

Before the styling products

For a simple styling distribute a few drops of the hair oil before the styling products on the dry hair. This allows the hair to untangle easier and to be more easy to style. In addition, it is well protected from the heat of the hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron.

In dry hair

You can even apply this production in dry hair and it assures an anti-frizz protection.

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