Color Rebel Gilty As Charged

Color Rebel Gilty As Charged

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Color Rebel Gilty As Charged
For temporary and glowing strands
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Size: 20ml

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With Color Rebel Gilty As Charged by Redken you can try strands that are not permanent. The product creates a temporary and shining result. For a natural look.


First step: Preparation of the product

Shake the product first. Then turn the lid in the direction of the arrows until the tip of the sponge applicator is saturated with the color.

Second step: preparation of the hair

Apply the product to washed hair or a day after washing. We recommend not to use other styling products. Particularly oil-based products can provide a non-uniform distribution of the product, since oil also helps to remove the product.

Third step: Application

Tighten the desired strands and paint the product on the strand.

Step Four: Aviation or Blow-Dry

You can dry your hair both in the air and with the hair dryer.

Removal of the product

After a maximum of 3 washes Color Rebel Gilty As Charged is washes out. If you want an earlier removal, you can remove the product as follows:

Oil cleaning

Apply a few drops Redken Argan Oil or Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine onto the colored hair to remove the color pigments. Then wash your hair as usual.


Color Rebel is made up of a quadruple combination:

Aluminum oxide

Due to the aluminum oxidean ultra-thin ink film is formed during drying. In addition, the aluminum oxide dissolves the plymer-duo for a liquid application.

Pearly shine

The result is a multi-dimensional, iridescent color effect.

Water-based ink

The ink ensures that the product dries quickly and does not run out. It makes the simple application with the sponge applicator possible.


The polymer duo prevents the transmission of color pigments on clothes and hands. In addition, it envelops each hair with color without clumping.

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