Clear Moisture - Conditioner

Clear Moisture - Conditioner


Clear Moisture - Conditioner
For the optimal moisture balance of your hair and to easier comb your hair



With the Clear Moisture Conditioner by Redken your hair is easier to comb and is sufficiently moisturized. Your hair gets more glow and lightness. The Clear Moisture Conditioner provides for the internal and external balance of your hair. The product is perfect for normal or dry hair that needs more moisture and volume. During external influences such as cold or UV rays, as well as combing and blow drying your hair loses moisture and its structure is attacked. The Clear Moisture Conditioner gives your hair the care it deserves and provides a moisture balance without reducing natural volume.


After shampooing massage the product into damp hair, leave on shortly and rinse.


From the inside glucosamine  provides the humidity level so your hair can recover.

From the outside, apricotoil supplies the cuticle with moisture. It has an antistatic effect, maintains and supports the volume. Additionally Glycerin seales the hair with a micro-fine protective layer.

Additional Information

Hair type Dry hair  Anti frizz / unruly hair  More shine 
Marke Redken

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