Cerafill - Retaliate Shampoo


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Cerafill - Retaliate Shampoo
Against contamination in case moderate or fatal hair loss

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The Cerafill - Retaliate Shampoo by Redken effectively reduces impurities and improves the appearance of thinning hair. The product consists of a combination of ceramide, SP-94 and menthol. Ceramide is used to strengthen the hair fiber and reducing hair breakage. SP-94 nourishes the hair and thus creates the ideal foundation for growing hair. The menthol generates a pleasant sensation of freshness and has a cooling effect.

The retaliate system Cerafill - Retaliate Shampoo has a stimulating effect and is recommended for thin or thinning hair.


Apply the Cerafill - Retaliate Shampoo to wet hair and let it foam briefly. Then rinse.


It's the deal product in case of moderate or severe hair loss severe (non-disease-related). If the following signs are present, Cerafill - Retaliate Shampoo is just perfect for you:

Your scalp shows light parts despite styling.

Your hairs fall out more easily when brushing.

On your pillows and towels more and more hair show up.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair  More volume  Hair loss 
For Men Yes
Marke Redken

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