Cerafill - Defy Sclap Treatment

Cerafill - Defy Sclap Treatment

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Cerafill - Defy Sclap Treatment
To care and strengthen thinning hair
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post RED00115

Size: 125ml

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Cerafill - Defy Sclap Treatment by Redken with DEFY SYSTEM is the ideal care for thinning hair. The hair care system is designed for all hair types which show the first signs of thinning. The product can be used daily for intensive care and thanks to its applicator one can target the perfect application. The combination of arginine, ceramide and SP-94 is especially integrated in this product. The arginine serves as an essential building block in the synthesis of proteins in the hair. Ceramide reduces hair breakage by strengthening the hair fibers. SP-94 allows a perfect environment for your newly growing hair.


Apply the product on the towel-dried hair. Spray it directly on the cleaned scalp and work it well with your fingers a. Do not rinse out the product. You can then style as usual.


This product is suitable for minimal up to moderate hair loss. If the following signs are present, the Cerafill - Defy Sclap Treatment is just right for you:

In your hairbrush or in the shower drain, there are more hair again.

Your scalp is visible, but can be covered with your styling.

If you run your fingers through your hair, your hair feels thin as usual.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair 
Scalp Thin hair
Marke Redken

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