Paul Mitchell

JP Pet - Awapoochi Shampoo

JP Pet - Awapoochi Shampoo

Paul Mitchell

JP Pet - Awapoochi Shampoo
For a gentle cleaning of dog and cat fur

Size: 300ml

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JP Pet - Awapoochi Shampoo by Paul Mitchell is the perfect product for the care of your dog or your cat . The shampoo makes the coat shiny and will give it more moisture. With its rich paraben and EDTA-free formula, it nourishes the skin gently. It is also well suitable for sensitive animals.


Rub a small amount into your hands and apply the product onto the wet pet's coat. Then rinse out carefully.


Hawaiian Ginger (Awapuhi) and carefully selected herbal extracts restore more moisture to the skin.

Special gloss particles pamper fine, dull coats and give body and volume.

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