Argan - Instant Hydrating Styling Mask


Argan - Instant Hydrating Styling Mask

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Argan - Instant Hydrating Styling Mask
Leave-in spray for instant shine and moisture
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Argan - Instant Hydrating Styling Mask by Nashi is a quick and uncomplicated leave-in spray treatment ready to use anytime. Practical in application and also suitable for hair care and styling on the go.

The instant mask provides instant moisture and silky shine to your hair. In addition, the hair is easier to comb and shape, even with the hair straightener.
Argan - Instant Hydrating Styling Mask consists of a combination of high-quality, biologically certified oils such as certified argan oil and linseed oil. These penetrate the hair and repair damaged hair. Split ends and frizz are prevented.
For more fullness, volume and revitalization of your styling. As a plus, the product contains effective heat protection.


• Moisture and improved combability
• Easier styling
• Care for the road
• More fullness and volume
• Hair Repair
• Heat protection
• Anti-Frizz


On washed hair: spray the product on the washed, hand dried hair. Use a comb to distribute it well in the hair. Do not rinse and style as desired using a hair dryer, straightener or leave it to dry by air.
Any time on dry hair: spray it on dry hair whenever you want to refresh your hairstyle. Distribute it in the hair with the hands. 
Argan - Instant Hydrating Styling Mask is free of sodium chloride, sulphates, phosphates, and parabens.

Additional Information

Hair type Dry hair  Anti frizz / unruly hair 
Producttyp With oil
Ingredients Organic
Effect More shine
Marke Nashi

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