Argan Capixyl - 30 Night Program

Argan Capixyl -  30 Night Program

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Argan Capixyl - 30 Night Program
For more dense and well-groomed hair
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Size: 4 x 20ml

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The Argan Capixyl - 30 Night Program from Nashi is a intensive treatment for hair loss . The products are used during the night, because the hair is protected during this period from the weather, environmental conditions and exposure to light. Since the body is dedicated to the process of cell regeneration at night, the active ingredients may be included in this time for optimal scalp regeneration. Within 30 days of use, the healthy growth of your hair is promoted. You get a more thickness and well-groomed hair.


Apply the program onto towel-dried hair no more than 30 consecutive days. Best applied right before bedtime. Put on the nozzle at the desired location and remove them before sputtering, circa 1cm of the scalp. Repeat the application at different points of the scalp up to 8 times. (2 front, 2 side, left and right, 2 rear). Thus, the entire surface is covered. Massage the product well and distribute it to the adjacent sections of the scalp. Then do not wash.

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