Dry Shampoo - Light Tones

Dry Shampoo - Light Tones

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Dry Shampoo - Light Tones
Dry shampoo for more brilliance of light hair colours
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post MOR322003

Size: 205ml

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Sometimes it is a real challenge to preserve the brilliance of hair with a lighter hair colour. Thanks to the Dry Shampoo - Light Tones by Moroccanoil this problem is solved in no time! The unique formula for light hair is based on the concept of the violet shampoos for wet hair. The Dry Shampoo - Light Tones contains fine violet nuances which regulate the yellowness of the hair and brings out the best of the bright hair colour.


1. Shake the product first and then spray it with at a distance of 15-20 cm onto the hair. Begin at the hairline and then spray it in sections from all sides and continue in this manner until the entire head has been treated.
2. Massage then the dry shampoo like a normal shampoo into the hair to activate the effect of rice starch contained.
3. Comb your hair after thoroughly to remove excess fat and impurities.


Additional Information

Hair type Greasy hair  Dry shampoo  Blonde hair 
Producttyp Dry shampoo
Scalp Greasy hair
Marke Moroccanoil

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