Dry Shampoo - Dark Tones

Dry Shampoo - Dark Tones

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Dry Shampoo - Dark Tones
Dry shampoo for color intensity of dark hair
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post MOR322002.

Size: 205ml

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The Dry Shampoo - Dark Tones by Moroccanoil was done specially for the care of dark hair. Commercial dry shampoos are based on formulas which are known to leave white residue in the hair and reduce vitality and shine of your hair. The formula of te Dry Shampoo - Dark Tones for dark hair hence contains ultrafine rice starch, which is broken down on the spot as soon as it is massaged into the scalp. Therefore, this formula leaves will immediately dissolve and no residue will be left behind. On top of this, the natural colorfulness of dark hair is ensured.


1. Shake the product well before use and spray it then with a distance of 15-20 cm onto your hair. Begin at the hairline and work your way then section by section until the whole hair is treated.
2. Massage then the shampoo like a normal shampoo in your hair,  to activate the effect of the contained rice starch.
3. Then Comb the hair thoroughly to remove excess fat and impurities.

Additional Information

Hair type Greasy hair 
Producttyp Dry shampoo
Scalp Greasy hair
Marke Moroccanoil

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