Natural Oil - Foaming Volumizer

Natural Oil - Foaming Volumizer

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Natural Oil - Foaming Volumizer
Lightweight and airy mousse for a fantastic hair feeling
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Size: 180ml

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The unique Natural Oil - Foaming Volumizer by Maroccanoil spoils your hair with a weightless volume and a better grip without a sense of product remains in the hair. This product is perfect for lifeless and limp hair. It untangles your hair effectively, ensures more frizz control and more suppleness. Your hair bevomes soft and shiny. The nurturing ingredients detangle your hair before styling. In addition, the product guarantees for an effective heat protection.


Macadamia oil: is high in omega-7, -5 and -3 fatty acids. It provides weighing the hair with moisture without it.
Argan oil: rich in omega-9 fatty acids. It repairs and strengthens your hair.
Pistachio oil: protects the hair from environmental damages.
Tapioca: absorbs excess oil and gives more volume.
Kaolin: purifies the scalp of residues.


Shake the bottle well before use. Then apply a golf ball-large amount of the product in the palm of your hand and then distribute it in the damp hair. Start at the hair line and distribute it up to the tips. Work the product thoroughly into the hair and style it then as desired.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair  Anti frizz / unruly hair  Colored hair  Curly hair 
Producttyp Heat protection
Scalp Thin hair
Effect More shine, More volume, Straighten hair
Marke Macadamia

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