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Pro Fiber - Rectify Shampoo


Pro Fiber - Rectify Shampoo

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Pro Fiber - Rectify Shampoo
Optimal care for colored and damaged hair
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post LOR371215

Size: 250ml

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Thanks to the Pro Fiber Rectify Shampoo by L'Oréal your hair will be repaired from the roots to the tips. Discover the feeling of new, healthy hair fibers which get a smooth, shiny, free falling and easy feeling. The pearly-white gel-cream makes the damaged hair again softer, smoother and glossier, so your hair is easier to untangle. The texture is initially rich and creamy, and then turns into a soft, yet thick foam.


Make the slightly pink gel foam up in your hands and then apply it into your damp hair. Gently massage it into your hair and rinse it afterwards again.
After having had a Pro Fiber care protocol treatement in the hair salon, continue the treatment at homet to extend the effect of APTYL. Use the Pro Fiber Rectify Shampoo with the appropriate Rectify Routine (conditioner or mask and leave-in). Do not forget to apply the Re-Charge Care with every fourth shampooing, which reactivated the effect of the treatment.

Hair Type

The Pro Fiber Rectify Shampoo is specially designed for dull, dry, lifeless or color-treated hair and hair suffering from split ends. Your hairdresser knows all these hair problems that have a single origin: gradual and unavoidable damage to the hair fibers.
The L'Oréal Recherche Avancée has set a milestone in the professional hair care to combat hair damage in the long term, by revealing our first long-lasting treatment for damaged hair: Pro Fiber Rectify Shampoo.
This unique shampoo for fine to medium hair that is perfectly adapted for naturally damaged and sensitive hair.

• Structure: dry
• Gloss: Low
• Hair tips: thinned
• Coloration: Stump


Previously, all care substances were washed out by the shampoos used. The L'Oréal Research Laboratories have developed APTYL 100: the first technology which is capable to treat the hair fiber sustainably and to repair it in the long term. This is the result of 15 years of research with 15 patents pending. Thanks APTYL 100 the care materials can be preserved up to 4 washes. The treatment this can be used at home several times, up to 6 weeks **.
APTYL 100 ensures an unprecedented achievement in just 3 steps: immediate regeneration in the salon, optimization of care at home for up to 4 washes and up to 6 weeks-lasting results with the Re-Charge Monodoses.

Additional Information

Hair type Dry hair  Thin hair  Colored hair  Damaged hair 
Scalp Thin hair
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