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Pro Fiber - Re-Charge

Pro Fiber - Re-Charge

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Pro Fiber - Re-Charge
Re-Charge monodoses for optimal care
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By applying the Pro Fiber Re-Charge Monodoses by L'Oréal, the effect of the Salon Protocol using the APTYL 100 complex can be extended by up to 6 weeks. Your hair will be repaired from the roots to the tips. Discover the effect of new, healthy hair fibers which give you a soft, glowing, free falling and light feeling.


Instead of conditioner or mask, use after every 4th shampooing one of Re-Charge Monodoses. Distribute the product on the lengths and the tips of your hair. Massage the hair fibers gently to support the absorption. Wash your hair then throughfully.

Advice from professionals

In the past, most useful effects were limited on the first shampooing, for all active components were washed out again by the used shampoo. The result of the Pro Fiber shampoo with the APTYL 100 complex can be reactivated at home, which is also further supported by the Re-Charge monodoses. Molecules, which penetrate deep into the hair fiber during salon treatment be reactivated and charged again for an unprecedented long lasting effect. The hair becomes healthier, strengthened and repaired.

Hair Type

Whether dull, dry, color-treated hair or hair with split ends... your hairdresser knows all these hair problems, which have only one origin: gradual and unavoidable damage of the hair fibers.
The L'Oréal Recherche Avancée has set a milestone in the professional hair care to combat hair damage in the long term.
The products of the Pro Fiber Line are especially suited for fine to medium hair. These products are suitable for all hair types.


Previously all care substances were washed out again by the shampoo used. The L'Oréal research laboratories have developed APTYL 100, our first technology which is capable to treat the hair fiber sustainably and to repair the long term. This is the result of 15 years of research with 15 patents obtained. Thanks to the APTYL 100 complex the result, which was conceded at the hairdresser's, can be prolongued for up to 4 shampooing sessions, and be reactivated at home, again and again, up to 6 weeks **.
APTYL 100 provides an unprecedented performance in 3 steps: immediate regeneration in the salon, optimization of care at home for up to 4 washes and up to 6 weeks-lasting results with the Re-Charge Monodoses.

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