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Mythic Oil Crème Universelle

Mythic Oil Crème Universelle

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L'Oréal Professionnel

Mythic Oil Crème Universelle
3-in-1 hair care balm
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post LOR300004

Size: 150ml

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Mythic Oil Crème Universelle by L'Oréal is a highly concentrated balm, which is enriched with precious argan and almond oil. The balm penetrates quickly and deeply into your hair, nourishes and smooths it at the same time. You can also apply the balm in the shower or use it before the shampooing, or after shampooing as a care conditioner or blowdry-balm. The balsam ensures a 96-hour volume control. The product is dermatologically tested and without parabens.


Apply a adequat amout of the product before or after washing into the damp hair and rinse it afterwards. Alternatively, you can apply it as a hair styling product, which is then not rinsed. Blow dry your hair as usual and put it subsequently in form.

Additional Information

Producttyp With oil
Effect More shine
Marke L'Oréal Professionnel

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