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Chromative - Cayenne Pepper Intensive (6.40)


Chromative - Cayenne Pepper Intensive (6.40)

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L'Oréal Professionnel

Chromative - Cayenne Pepper Intensive (6.40)
Radiant color, hair spared
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post LOR01583

Size: 70ml

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Radiant color, hair spared

A unique TECHNOLOGY: The new direct-dyes based on coloration CHROMATIVE subject when applying any chemical reaction. CHROMATIVE lightens not, and does not penetrate into the hair, thus avoiding that the hair is stretched. The effect of the drugs CHROMATIVE is temporary, because they are gradually washed out by washing the hair, while maintaining the natural melanin pigments preserved.

CHROMATIVE is an effective agent for natural hair, thanks to a non-binding and risk-free formula: the color washes over 10 washes out the natural way and, thanks to its friendly technology, CHROMATIVE colored hair without straining it. CHROMATIVE thus guaranteeing absolute Kosmetizität the hair fiber, a radiant luster and exceptional reflexes.

The hairdresser with CHROMATIVE offers an alternative to commitment of a permanent coloration.

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Effect More shine
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