Hair Play - Molding Paste


Hair Play - Molding Paste


Hair Play - Molding Paste
Paste for flexible hold and softness

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Hairplay - Molding Paste from KMS California gives a flexible hold with clearly defined structures . The hair is noticeably smooth and yet the styling lasts all day long. With the innovative polymer technology the paste gives the hair a natural and clear definition as well as a modern finish . The paste contains natural ingredients such as carnauba wax, which gives the hair structure and hold and peppermint and grape extracts, which have an antioxidative effect against free radical scavengers.


To achieve clear structures and optimum hold, work the paste into wet hair. The hair will have a great hold and shine for the whole day. If the paste is applied to dry hair, individual parts can be optimally worked out and strengthened. Hair is noticeably smoother and will be strengthened.

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For Men Yes
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