Free Shape - Deep Conditioner


Free Shape - Deep Conditioner


Free Shape - Deep Conditioner
Nourishing Conditioner for unruly and frizzy hair

Size: 125ml

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The FreeShape - Deep Conditioner from KMS California is suitable for unruly hair ensuring it is maintained and tamed . The hair surface is smoothed and frizzy and unruly hair is given extra smoothness. The thermal styling is facilitated and the hair receives a deep care.


Apply onto damp hair and rinse thoroughly after 2 minutes of contact time.


Thermopolymer ensures a gentle thermal styling, mirustyle provides a comprehensive heat protection. Likewise, rhodiola watermint, also known as a heat protection ensures a temperature control protection and refreshment.


The conditioner is an ideal preparation for a thermal styling. Is the FreeShape - Deep Conditioner too much your hair? Then use the FreeShape - Conditioner


Additional Information

Hair type Anti frizz / unruly hair  Smoothing  Heat protection 
Marke KMS

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