Color Vitality - Shampoo


Color Vitality - Shampoo


Color Vitality - Shampoo
Color protection shampoo for dyed hair

Delivery time: 1 to 2 working days



The Color Vitality - Shampoo from KMS California protects the hair effectively from color loss and shine is built . The hair color remains 3 times longer and the vibrancy of the dyed hair is preserved. The shampoo supports the color inclusion of your hair.


Work into wet hair and rinse.. If necessary, repeat the process.


The shampoo has an effective UV filter that protects the hair against harmful UV rays. The color retention is improved thanks to procolor shield and flavionids that protect the hair from harmful environmental influences. The hair is calmed by the ingredients included of lilac ginger and gently cleaned.

Additional Information

Hair type Sun products  Color protection  More shine 
Marke KMS

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