Design Style - Press Wax

Design Style - Press Wax


Design Style - Press Wax
Spray wax for structure and volume

Size: 200ml

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The Design Style - Press Wax by Keune is an oil-free spray wax that guarantees any type of hair more texture, edge and volume. The wax can easily and evenly be distributed in your hair and gives your hair a silky matte finish. You can easily create a tousled look, which will last throughout the whole day. Your hair becomes fuller and gets more contours, without wheighing the hair down. This product provides a mussed finish with a lot of structure. In addition, the Design Style - Press Wax treates curls as well and gives them their bounce back.


Shake the bottle well before use. Spray then the Design Style - Press Wax at a distance of 30 cm directly onto the dry hair. Then model your hair into the desired shape.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair  More volume 
Marke Keune

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