Design Style - Blow Dry Spray

Design Style - Blow Dry Spray


Design Style - Blow Dry Spray
Hairspray for all hair types and all hair lengths

Size: 200ml

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Design Style - Blow Dry Spray by Keune not only smooths your hair, but also guarantees an efficient protection against the heat of the styling tools. The drying time is, thanks to this product, reduced so you can spend more time on the styling of your hair. The Blow Dry Spray is a perfect foundation and additional stypling products can be applied without problems afterwards. In addition, the spray smoothes your hair and also adds more shine and strength.


Spray the Blow Dry Spray generously on the still damp hair. Blow dry the hair then dry and then put your hair into the desired shape. If necessary, you can also use additional styling products.

Additional Information

Hair type Smoothing  Heat protection 
Marke Keune

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