Blend - Fibre Gum

Blend - Fibre Gum


Blend - Fibre Gum
For more texture and elasticity

Size: 100ml

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The Blend - Fiber Gum provides more structure and guarantees extraordinary and unique look. The Blend - Fiber Gun remains modelable and allows variable hairstylings. This makes a flexible, unconventional look for short hair is possible, which can easily be restyled.


Rub the product initially in the palms. Distribute Blend - Fiber Gum afterwards in your dry or slightly damp hair and work it into the hair. Style then your hair as you wish and bring it into the desired shape. By blow-drying, your hair gets, thanks to the wax, more grip. This product is perfect for short hair.

Consolidating factor: 12

Gloss factor: 12

Restyle factor: 20

Active Ingredients

The elastic fibers provide a controllable structure of your hair with a silky shine. The styling is simple re-stylable.

Additional Information

Marke Keune

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