Styling - Spray à Porter


Styling - Spray à Porter

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Styling - Spray à Porter
Toulsed effect spray
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post KER00209

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Effect of Kerastase Spray à Porter

This product enables sculpted “ocean spray” styles without the sticky effect of other “salted” formulas. The "wavy" style becomes more sophisticated and urban with supple, soft waves.

Application of Kerastase Spray à Porter

On just-washed, carefully towel-dried hair: spread the product throughout the hair and then crush with the hands to create soft waves.

On dry hair: hold the pump 15 cm from the head and spray in short bursts. Style with the fingertips.

Technology of Kerastase Spray à Porter

This clear fluid is released from a pump-flacon with a micro-spray nozzle to make it easy to apply evenly. The product combines the flagship active ingredient Xylose with a water-based lotion and texturizing magnesium sulfate.

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Marke Kerastase

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