Styling - Baume Double Je

Styling - Baume Double Je

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Styling - Baume Double Je
Extra workable defining balm. Medium hold
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Size: 75ml

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Kerastase Baume Double Je is an extra workable defining balm of the Couture Styling Line of Kerastase. With Kerastase Baume Double Je you can gain the matt, tousled look. Kerastase Baume Double Je, paste and cream at the same time, enables infinite mouldability - no matter what your style is. Kerastase Baume Double’s ultra-malleable texture enables this hybrid balm to structure and texturize hair for long-lasting hold. The must-have of short cuts. Kerastase Baume Double Je's formula is enriched with a heat-styling protective agent.


Application on dry or damp hair. Spread and melt a small amount of Kerastase Baume Double Je in your hands and then apply strand by strand or globally through hair.

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Kerastase Baume Double Je is good for user who want a light and flexible structure. Kerastase Baume Double Je can be used for construction or for the finish.


The technology used for Kerastase Baume Double Je takes advantages of micro polymers. The micro polymers contained in Kerastase Baume Double Je form a sheet thin layer which acts like a flexible net, surrounding the fibre. This layer fixates the hair long-lastingly which is why Kerastase Baume Double Je provides soft grip and hair without neglecting the hair’s flexibility.

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Producttyp Heat protection
Marke Kerastase

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