Spécifique - Stimuliste

Spécifique - Stimuliste

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Spécifique - Stimuliste
Helps to reinforce the hair fibre and maintain the density of thining hair
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post KER00912

Size: 125ml

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Helps to reinforce the hair fibre and maintain the density of thining hair

Result of Kerastase Stimuliste
Nourished from root to tip, the hair looks denser, the hair fibre is reinforced and its life cycle is prolonged.

• Supports the exchange and absorbtion of nutrients  (Vitamine PP)
• Adds constitutive matter to the hair (Arginine)
• Stimulates hair production (GL)
• Improves hair density

Application of Kerastase Stimuliste
Stimuliste has to be applied daily on dry or towel-dried hair, as a complement to the CURE ANTI-CHUTE PRO-CIBLEE.
Spray on the roots, massage. Do not rinse. Style as usual.

Application suggestion for optimised results:
A 3 steps technic combined with a massage to optimise penetration of active ingredients and stimulate scalp’s micro-circulation:
Step 1: Stimulate scalp with circulare movements.
Step 2: Spray on the roots.
Step 3: Practice massage into the scalp to diffuse the formula.

Technology of Kerastase Stimuliste
An anti-hairloss concentrated cocktail to stimulate hair growth all along the hair production:

• VITAMINE PP:  activates micro-circulation and acts on nutrients transport
• GL: turns into energy inside the bulb to dynamise hair production process
• ARGININE: essential amino-acid constitutive of the hair, takes part in nutrition
synthesis of the bulb
• AMINEXIL: reinforces bulb’s anchorage by preventing collagen from rigidification.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair 
Scalp Hair loss, Thin hair
Marke Kerastase

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