Soleil - CC Crème

Soleil - CC Crème

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Soleil - CC Crème
Complete care cream with three enhancing actions: to protect, repair, illuminate.
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Kerastase CC Crème Soleil is a protecting all-in-one hair treatment with brilliance effect. Kerastase CC Crème is used without being rinsed. During sunbathing Kerastase CC Crème Soleil protects the hair with UV filters and treats it after it has been under the sun. Thanks to linseed oil and UV filters Kerastase CC Crème nourishes the hair all around and prepares it for the negative influence of the sun rays. The ingredients of Kerastase CC Crème Soleil, safflower oil, ceramide and antioxidants help repair sun-stressed hair. Thanks to Kerastase CC Crème Soleil the hair is detangled and the luminance of the hair colour is intensified. 


Kerastase CC Crème Soleil is either used as protector before staying in the sun or as treatment after the hair has been exposed to the sun (or both). Distribute 1-2 hazelnut-sized portions of Kerastase CC Crème evenly on towel dried or dry hair. Massage Kerastase CC Crème Soleil softly into length and ends of the hair. Do not rinse Kerastase CC Crème Soleil after application.


The development of Kerastase CC Crème Soleil is unique in its form.

- With linseed oil and UV filters Kerastase CC Crème Soleil protects the hair from damaging influences of the sun
- With safflower oil, ceramides and antioxidants Kerastase CC Crüme disciplines, nourishes and repair sun-stressed hair
-With linseed oil and polymers – luminance enhancing pearls - Kerastase CC Crème Soleil gives the hair intensive brilliance

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Hair type Dry hair  Colored hair  Damaged hair 
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