Résistance - Ciment Anti-Usure [12]

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Résistance - Ciment Anti-Usure [12]
Reconstructive treatment for worn-out lengths and ends which contains the advanced technology of Vita-Ciment® + Vita-Topseal
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Post KER02852

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Benefits of Kerastase Ciment-Anti-Usure

Ideal for longer hair, Ciment Anti-Usure selectively reconstructs and reinforces the hair internally according to the amount of wear and tear, at the same time the outer protective layer of the hair is recreated. Hair is protected against external aggressions and blow-drying. Hair is left feeling smooth, healthy, natural to the touch and easy to style.

Application of Kerastase Ciment-Anti-Usure

Recommended Hair Bath: Bain de Force. Apply to towel-dried hair. Put a hazelnut-sized amount of Ciment Anti-Usure in the palm of the hand and spread through the lengths and ends of the hair. Leave for 1 minute. Emulsify by adding a little water and rinse thoroughly.

Technology of Kerastase Ciment-Anti-Usure

Constituent of Intercellular Cement: Similar to that found in the hair.
Natural Protein: Compensates for proteins lost from weak hair.
Active Cation: Helps the Vita-Ciment® to enter into the hair and smoothes the surface of the hair fibre.

Recreates the outer protective layer of the hair.
Enrobes the fibre with a protective topseal surface.
Gives better protection against external aggressions and blow-drying.
Does not affect colour application.

Note: Does not replace UV sun protection.

Additional Information

Hair type Split ends  Damaged hair 
Marke Kerastase


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