Fusio-Dose - Booster Densifique

Fusio-Dose - Booster Densifique

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Fusio-Dose - Booster Densifique
Structure giving intensive treatment
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Kerastase Booster Densifique is used with a Kerastase Concentré of your choice (depending on your hair’s need)


Kerastase Booster Densifique is a highly concentrated treatment of the line Densifique which has the focus on hair density and fullness. The intensive luxurious treatment Kerastase Booster Densifique gives the hair structure and amplitude. Through the high concentration of the agents contained in Kerastase Booster Densifique the effect is immediately noticeable. The hair is much easier to comb through and immediately strengthened. Together with the Kerastase Concentré Densifique Pro-Calcium, Kerastase Booster Densifique builds up the fibre and revitalizes your hair. The hair gets a fuller sensation and an optimal brilliance thanks to Kerastase Booster Densifique.
With the agents Pro-Calcium derivate and Omega 6 derivate Kerastase Booster Densifique works wonders with your hair.


1. Remove the cap from the Kerastase Concentré.
2. Put the Kerastase Booster Densifique on the bottle neck. Make sure that the solution contained in the booster well distributed in the bottle of Kerastase Concentré.
3. Screw the cover back on.
4. Shake vigorously, so that everything is mixed well.
5. Remove the lid and put the sprayer on the bottle body of the Kerastase Concentré.

Then, as usual, continue with the use of tin concentrate mergers: Spray from a distance of 10cm the mixed Kerastase Concentré to washed and towel-dried hair. Massage into the lengths. 3 - Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Additional Information

Hair type Thin hair 
Marke Kerastase

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