Densifique Homme - Cure Fusio-Dose

Densifique Homme - Cure Fusio-Dose

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Densifique Homme - Cure Fusio-Dose
Care for thicker hair
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Size: 30 x 6ml

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The Densifique Homme - Cure Fusio-Dose by Kerastase includes a hair density activator and guarantees a structuring, concentrated intensive care. The hair is strengthened by Kerastase Densifique and gets noticeably easier to comb. The ingredients of Kerastase Densifique such as Pro-calcium derivative and Omega 6 derivative ensure that the hair fibers are actively built and revitalized. On top of it, the care effect of Densifique Homme - Cure Fusio-Dose gives additional structure, fuller hair feeling and perfect shine.
Kerastase Densifique is suitable for women, men and any hair type. Experience a new feeling of rich hair!

Use one ampoule of the Kerastase Densifique daily for 3 months.
- Apply the product in the morning or in the evening on dry or towel-dried hair.
- Attach the applicator to the vial.
- Press the applicator.
- Apply the Kerastase Densifique directly onto the scalp.
- Massage and stimulate the entire scalp with circular movements.
After one application your hair has more volume. Likewise, your hair is softer, shinier and more manageable.
After 10 Days of application the hair fiber is stronger and revitalized. The hair looks fuller, stronger and more voluminous.
After one month of treatment your hair has again more substance. There is a noticeable improvement in the abundance, density and strength of the hair. The hair is full and the product leads to even more beautiful hair. 2 of 3 consumers feel more confident and 8% of consumers feel more attractive!
After 3 months of treatment. Up to 1,700 new hair ** In addition, your hair is significantly denser **.
** Consumer test with 122 participants.
** Clinical test: efficacy of Stemoxydine has been tested in daily use for 3 months by 101 people, comparing the product to placebo.

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