Densifique - Density Activator

Densifique - Density Activator

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Densifique - Density Activator
Hair density programme for all hair types
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Kerastase Densifique
is a Hair Density Activator and structure-giving concentrated intensive care. The hair is strengthened by Kerastase Densifique and is noticeably easier to comb. The ingredients of Kerastase Densifique, Pro-Calcium derivative and Omega 6 derivative, build up the hair fibre and revitalize them. Additionally to the nurturing effect of Kerastase Densifique it gives the hair structure, a more bouffant hair sensation and optimal brilliance.
Kerastase Densifique suits women, men and all hair types.

Apply one vial of Kerastase Densifique every day for a period of 3 months, morning or evening, to dry or towel-dried hair.

  1. Snap off and discard the top of the vial. Clip on the comb applicator.
  2. Press the dome of the vial to apply Kerastase Densifique to the scalp.
  3. Create partings using the comb and apply in the usual styling direction.
  4. Massage the scalp with your fingertips to distribute Kerastase Densifique and spread along the lengths.

The Technology developed for Kerastase Densifique contains following ingredients:

  • Stemoxydine 5%: This substance that is included in Kerastase Bain Densité makes for more hair per square centimetre. This molecule optimizes the hair growth cycle by imitating the ideal low oxygen contented environment for the stem cells in the hair follicle. This way the signal for hair growth is being sent early thanks to Kerastase Bain Densité and you will gain 1700 more hair in 3 months.
  • Vitamin B: Thanks to the Vitamin in Kerastase Densifique this treatment support the activities of the hair follicles.
  • Texturizing Polymers: With texturizing polymers Kerastase Densifique gives the hair noticeably more density.

Additional Information

Hair type Damaged hair 
Scalp Hair loss
Effect More volume
Marke Kerastase


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