Structure - Smooth Shock

Structure - Smooth Shock

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Structure - Smooth Shock
Hairspray for sexy, smooth hair styles
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Size: 150ml

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Hair that is hard to style is now a thing from the past. Thanks to the Structure - Smooth Shock by Joico the crafting of sexy, smooth hair styles is no longer a problem! The unique luxurious foam which contains boxwood oil, ensures very smooth and extraordinarily well-styled hair. Your hair is effectively smoothed it and you will have no protruding hairs anymore. And yet another great plus: your hair is perfumed with a seductive scent!
Ideal for those who do not feel like styling stubborn hair, for the hair becomes easier to comb and also more supple. They are no more knots in your hair, but you get shiny, silky-soft hair. This product is fantastic in cae you have curly hair, for it provides greater definition and more structure. This product is perfect for all hair types, lengths and textures.


Shake the product well before each use. Hold the can upside down and apply the amount of the size of a chestnut first into the palm. Then warm the product in the hands and distribute it subsequently in the hair. Make sure to particularly incorporate the product into the dry tips. The application can be done on towel-dried or dry hair. The retention factor is 1/5.

Additional Information

Hair type Dry hair  Anti frizz / unruly hair  Curly hair 
Effect Curl support, Straighten hair
Marke Joico

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