John Masters Organics

Skincare - Straffendes Augengel

Skincare - Straffendes Augengel

John Masters Organics

Skincare - Straffendes Augengel
Firming Eye Gel - Suitable for all skin types

Size: 15ml


Delivery time: 1 to 2 working days



Revitalizing Eye Gel by John Masters Firming Eye Gel. This special eye care protects the delicate eye area from damage, tightens sustainable and also reduces puffiness and dark circles. Reduces new wrinkles visibly and prevents new wrinkles. The natural ingredients of John Masters Firming Eye Gel, such as oat bran oil have an activating effect on collagen production and Spirulina nourishes the skin.


John Masters Firming Eye Gel unfolds most effectively when you gently pat it around the eyes. For the lifting effect, the product should be repeatedly applied every day.


  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals

Additional Information

Hair type Vegan
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