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Detox Tissue Face Mask

Detox Tissue Face Mask

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Detox Tissue Face Mask
Professional face mask to use at home
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Iroha Nature’s Detox Tissue Face Mask offers a professional skin cleansing and skin care experience for at home. Activated carbon acts -as the name already promises- actively against blackheads and impurities. It is pure detox for the skin. The active ingredients remove dirt and impurities in the deep layers of the skin and lock it up in the mask. As you pull off the mask, all the impurities go with it. For final care, the mask also contains hyaluronic acid. It helps the tissue to bind moisture and retain the natural tension of the skin.

Place the mask on the face, press it gently onto your skin and let it take effect for 15 minutes. Then carefully remove from the face. No washing necessary.

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Main ingredients
• Activated charcoal - cleanses, acts in lower skin layers and removes impurities in blocked pores
Hyaluronic acid- moisture-binding properties, makes the tissue smooth and supple
• Fruit Extract- leaves a radiant complexion after application
Camelia Sinensis (Green Tea) – antioxidant with anti-aging effects

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