Anti-Hair Loss - Concentrate Treatment

Anti-Hair Loss - Concentrate Treatment


Anti-Hair Loss - Concentrate Treatment
The Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Concentrate is a nourishing concentrate against hair loss.

Size: 150ml

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The Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Concentrate by Intragen reduces stress-related hair loss effectively. The valuable Olean-acid inhibits a very specific enzyme that is often responsible for the loss of hair in both women and men. Another ingredient, namely apigenin, provides the hair with sufficient nutrients and oxygen, whereby the hair growth is stimulated and finally the derivative biotinyl-GHK prevent an aging effect of the hair, which already acts in the hair root.


The Intragen shampoo can, be just like any ordinary shampoo, be applied during the washing of the hair and massaged into the hair. It is advisable to wash the shampoo with warm water and dry the hair well with the towel.

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Hair type Hair loss 
Marke Intragen

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