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ROD Curling Iron vs7

ROD Curling Iron vs7

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ROD Curling Iron vs7
The curling iron for the perfect bounce of your curls.
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The ROD Curling Iron VS7 by HH Simonsen is the perfect curling iron for those who value a perfect styling. Ideally suited for medium length to long hair, the curling iron can be used either for classical curly hair, or serve as an aid in fancy updos. The innovative ceramic surface of the heating ensures a unique bounce of curls without damaging the hair.


Thanks to the aluminum / teflon surface, it is particularly easy to stlye each strand of hair with the curling iron, because the hair does not stick. Depending on the desired styling result, the hair should be longer or shorter exposed to the heating element.

The result is shiny, frizzfreies hair and smooth curls.


On this kind of producs, Shampoo.ch always gives a two-year warranty.

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